Welcome to The Jungle

Hi! ok here we go..

  • My name is Julie (if you didn’t already know from my blog title)
  • I am 22 years young (yes I hate me for saying that too)
  • I was born and raised in New York but currently reside in New Jersey (stop thinking Jersey Shore)
  • I have way too many interests and thoughts than i know what to even do with (hence the new blog)
  • Every blog title of mine will be a song title (guns n’ roses was a good start hehe)
  • I am such a libra it’s actually insane (but we’re the best.. duh)
  • Ok I’m done bullet pointing now

Alright, if you made it through my boring facts than good for you! if not, I’m sorry and am willing to send over a box of cookies as a sign of sincere apologies.

Years ago, my aunt encouraged me to write an auto biography and I thought it was the most ridiculous idea ever. But of course that was what 18 year old me thought, and now here I am at the ripe old age of 22 with a change of heart. I.. well down the line.. eventually will write my own auto biography, exciting!! (kinda)

I am using this blog as a gateway for my thoughts or my book, my way to vent and to put my life out there. I have quite the interesting life so if you stick around I promise you won’t be disappointed.

SO.. Welcome to The Jungle, We Got Fun & Games!!!